Sales (MC28180)


【Job Title 】 Sales 
【Location】 Irapuato (inside the city)
【Industry & Product】 Trading company for automotive industry
【Salary】 25-60k
【Language level】 Inglés natico-Español avanzado.
【Work Hour】 Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00
【Benefits】 Insurance(MET Life), Business trip allowance domestic and overseas, Sales car(If the candidate live in Irapuato, only commute and customer visit), Mobile phone, Laptop
【JD / Memo / Activities 】
Gender : Male
Age : 30 -35
Job description :
1) To handle current customers/suppliers
2) To promote resin materials, automotive components such as injection parts, stamping parts etc
3) To make and submit quotation to customers, make cost estimation
4) To handle quality issue(if it happens)
5) To find new customers and suppliers
6) Business trip to domestic/oversea

Required skill/background :
1) Native Spanish and business level of English
2) Driving license
3) 5 years sales experience except for logistics/service industry.
Sales background for automotive tier1/tier2(automotive components/resin materials etc) would be preferable.
4) Connections in particular industry
5) Graduated university
6) Able to commute within 40minutes to office. (Living in Irapuato is better)

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