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Sr. Foreman Fabrication and Welding process (TN29981)


-Follow up start up schedule, review actual results, inform to personnel in charge and take action to keep results on target.
-Report production daily results, review results and take actions to reach target or improve results.
-Take actions to promote continuous improvement projects, support and participate on to do actions to implement it.
-Prepare and follow training plan for operators and supervisors according to annual training schedule.
-Review manpower qty. make adjust as necessary.
-Prepare ´´On floor training´´ activities to be used by Foreman.
-Take actions in order to keep KAIZEN process target according to plan.
-Make Sure safety conditions on production floor through perform Safety patrols, take actions to repair, fix, or improve findings.
-Follow up equipment and machinery maintenance plan.
-Planning and request approval overtime according to budget.
-Review weekly supervisor´s payroll report.
-Institute employee suggestion or involvement programs.
-Join on multidisciplinary team to support solve problems and countermeasure related with prevent and improve actions.
-Stay abreast of advances in technology, systems, procedures, techniques and relevant regulations, market trends, and industry news.


-Level of education: Bachelor’s degree (IIA, IMA, IME).
-Experience: Management welders groups around 300 persons, Management skill to control inventories, spare parts and consumables of welding process, Skills to train on welding process.
Skills: Programing welding robots, semi automatic welding process, manual welding process, MIG Welding, Welding drawings interpretation, welding quality criteria.
Otros: Displays appropriate proficiency with computers and computer applications, including: spreadsheets (e.g., Excel), word processing (e.g. Word), presentation software (e.g., PowerPoint), databases (e. g., Access, contact management software), internet/intranet (e.g., browsers, search engines), special applications (e.g., AS400, CribMaster, etc.), and e-mail; can diagnose and correct minor issues with hardware and software, as needed.
Preferably have a valid passport and Visa

Área: Gerente
Giro de la empresa: Manufactura Comercialización
Sector de la empresa: Automotriz
Idiomas: Español nativo Inglés avanzado
Salario bruto mensual (MXN): $33 000
Prestaciones ofrecidas: Seguro de gastos médicos mayores Fondo de ahorro Vales de despensa Apoyo de gasolina Prestaciones de ley aguinaldo por 20 dias
Municipio: Salinas Victoria
Estado: Nuevo León

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